Passed Quiz/good news,Good news,bad news !

    • BJM362
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      I passed the quiz on my first try !!!
      Thats good news.
      I found the articles useful.
      The bankroll management info may help resolve a problem I have been having.
      I have frequent success in freerolls,includind some outright wins !
      Normally I take that to the tables and build it up.Then when I get it up a ways I cash some out,but keep some to play with.
      After cashing some out I usually wind up smashed out within a week.
      There were a number of mistakes I was making at the point,but the biggest one was bankroll management.
      According to your system of bankroll management I was failing to step back down,and playing well above my bankroll.
      If this article helps me resolve that problem thats good news also.

      Now for the bad news !
      I am a U.S. player,
      there are already threads up about the U.S. player situation.I am in that same boat with those guys.

      It is my intent to rebuild and then try out one of your U.S. friendly sites.

      I really like your site and would like to continue here !

      I also have a suggestion for you guys.
      I am confident that you keep your eyes open for a U.S. friendly affiliate that would participate in the bankroll program.
      I would like to suggest that you keep a list of your members that reside in the U.S. who have aready qualified (IE: passed the quiz).
      Those numbers could help improve your negotiating position when you do find a U.S. friendly affilliate that will work with your bankroll program !
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    • SoyCD
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      Hello BJM362 and welcome ;)

      Its great to hear you like the site, and of course sad that we cannot give you starting capital due to your residence in the U.S.

      Bankrollmanagement is infact one of the utmost important aspects of a good poker player. Without bankrollmanagment you cannot be succesful in the longrun.

      Hope to see you sticking around - and perhaps depositing over our Stars or Full-Tilt codes in order to enjoy the rest of the content the site offers :)

      Best regards,
    • BJM362
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      Right now it is an exercise in patience, but I am making progress to that goal !