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    • keoghh
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      Hey, need some help with timezones.

      Ok im going for the go 4 gold promotion this month, so i need to generate $2.90 rake per day for 20 days, but when my day starts and ends isnt wen the day officially starts and ends according to the party poker timezone, which is what this promotion is based on.

      The default timezone is EDT and my timezone is GMT, so its 4 hours behind me, so what i wanna know is how can i alter the timezone on elephant to see if ive produced enough rake that day within the correct time zones.

      Ive seen the thing which says my day starts at ...., in general settings, what would i need to put this to if i need to change this?

      Help is much appreciated and sorry for the essay :)
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    • patszerdonk
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      I'm not Party player so maybe it a little different there, but at Everest I can check my point at the cashier. So I check it before and after session.

      This way we can get more accurate data than Elephant (or HEM/PT)
    • mrk1988
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      Hey keoghh,

      I do not recommend using this option to determine wether you generated enough rake or not.

      If you happen to have Windows 7 you can create a new clock for your taskbar. I'd say, creating one for the EDT Timezone fixes your problem already.

      $2,90 Rake per day is generated very easily in usually less then 60 minutes. (Of course depending on the limits played.)

      Check the rake via the analysis page after your session to see how much you have generated.

      You can change the "my day starts at" setting but this would only be relevant for hands played before / after midnight (+/- 4 hours).

      Try importing a few hands with the EDT timezone and check for the day they show up in your Overview.
    • keoghh
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      Ok, it says on party poker website that you get 2 party points per $1 rake, so ill just aim for 6 party points per day which is easier for me to work out according to the time zone difference aswell.

      And im playin NL2 thats why i needed to know specifically as it will take me a while to generate the rake, and i dont wanna play outta my BRM just for this promotion. :) thanks for replies