so close, yet so far...(what is wrong with me?)

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      so.decided to take a break from killing nl2 on ipoker and gave up on unibet open freeroll qual. (2eur rb sat looks more atractive now, unfortunately BR will not let me try yet). Logged into my pokerstars acount yesterday, to see whats happening- havent used it for a while- and found that there were $15 from long time grinding today, will go for the big one! opened can of guinness, registered $1.1+rb 30k gtd. ... 4.5 hrs later.... busto 60th ! :f_cry: out of 7202 ! :f_eek: could almost smell 10k first place.... chipwise was comfortably top 20, but then, again played this hand top class....not...

      this is so embarrasing, but has to be done:

      SnG-MTT $ 1.10 (7202 Players)
      225000/450000 No-Limit Hold'em, Ante 45000 (9 Players)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.102.40520.2 by

      Preflop: Hero is MP3 with 9 ♦, 8 ♦
      UTG2 folds,
      UTG3 raises 450000 to 900000, 2 fold,
      Hero raises 450000 to 1350000,
      CO raises 2250000 to 3600000, 4 fold,
      Hero raises 44889 to 3644889 ( (AI)), CO calls

      Flop: (9269778) A ♥, K ♥, 3 ♥ (2 Players)

      Turn: (9269778) 9 ♥ (2 Players)

      River: (9269778) 4 ♠ (2 Players)

      Final Pot: 9269778

      Results follow:
      Hero shows a pair of nines (9 ♦, 8 ♦)
      CO shows a pair of jacks (J ♦, J ♣)

      CO wins 9269778 with a pair of jacks (J ♦, J ♣)

      i still asking myself the question...WHYYYYYYYYYYYY WHOULD U EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!?!

      anyway , end result: 1.1 buy-in+2xdouble rb+add-on=$6.1 spent, got $112.29 for my effort. start second BR on stars and giv sng a shot...

      PS. i must be doing smthn right, right?
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      from the hand you played, i'd say no.
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      The problem (for me) with those loooonnnnngggg low-buy-in MTTs is that after 4 or 5 hours I get sofa king bored my head wants to explode.

      I start to do stuff like shipping w/ 98s just to get the pain over with.

      But if you got that far, you do know how to play properly, but on that hand you did not.
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      A bad hand to exit but like you said you must have been doing something right to get so far, just seems like a discipline problem.

      It might sound a bit crazy to some but me personally if I am playing for 5 hours and you are getting bored open up facebook or youtube etc and watch a few funny videos or chat to a friend. It might make you lose a bit of focus what is going on in the tournament with reads etc but it will stop you going crazy with 89.