my lucky free50$ starting

    • cutiejorgea
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      hi there...

      its my 3 days on everest poker today... and i am so lucky to the sit and gos and tournaments that i joined,, winning 4 times 2nd place at multi table tornament,, and 1st place to 3000gtd pot... etc..

      my bankroll as of now is 1K$+ after 2 1/2 days playing.. my goal is to reach 1000 summit points in 5 days... or maybe in a week,,, my reason is to try withdrawing some of my winnings,,,

      it says that if i cant reach 1000 summit points in 120 days the 50$ starting will lost to my bankroll,, but is there anyone can help me if i can withdraw or try to withdraw some of my winnings for example 20% of my bankroll if i already reach 1000 summit points at everest?? cause it doesn't affect my free 50$ starting...

      please help me answering my questions.. tnx in advance

      cutiejorgea :)
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