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Show your support for the NEW Full Tilt Poker

    • nikotodo
      Joined: 03.11.2011 Posts: 2

      I don't usually write very often to these forums, but i've been getting my bread from poker for a while now.
      When the ”black friday” struck us all, I didn't immediately took my money from the site. I'm scandinavian so it didn't seem so concerning to us as it then turn out. Perhaps I was kind of naive (like many of us) in that situation. I thought that everything would get back on track and FTP would continue their business as usual after few set backs...

      I just didn't think that one of the world largest poker sites could go out like that and that's why wasn't that scared at the time. But how wrong man can be? Before ”Black Friday” I could've bet my money that it wasn't possible.

      Many of my friends (me included) got blindsided and we all left our money in FTP accounts. Now we have observed the ongoing events really closely, like probably all of you. It's quite certain that from the ruins of old FTP none of us will not get a penny of our money back. At this present time I think the only ray of sun is Groupe Bernard Tapie, who would buy the site and take some of the responsibilities of old Full Tilt Poker. At least I think that, it's the one and only chance to get even a part of our money back!

      It's for sure that GBT won't buy the site just for fun. They have to have an objective to get a functioning pokersite with business purpose. I'm sure they are aware that going to the pokerbusiness at such time will be a risky investment, especially when they have no idea how people would receive the site after all what has happened.

      Here as I have desperately watched the situation from the side, I have been thinking different solutions to the problem. After discussing with other poker players, we decided, that we should show GBT somehow that buying FTP will be profitable! Some of you may find this idea kind of stupid but when we lay down the facts, we have nothing to lose. GBT might be the only chance to get our money back (or even some of it) and me and my friends are willing to do everything to help that to happen.

      We thought what would be the way to show them that there are eager players for the site.
      GBT will probably not buy the site if they think that people have totally abandoned FTP.

      So this is what we came up with... We put up a website called [Edited by fruktpuff] where we hope all of you would visit and check that out!

      Some of you might not agree, but as an ordinary poker player there is not much to do or effect these things but as a group we could at least show GBT that getting the new FTP site up would be profitable and there are still people who wanna play on FTP.

      I wish that many of you ”international” players would spread this news on your own countries pokerforums and encourage players to sign up for the site. There is nothing more to lose, only to win!
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    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Hello there Nikotodo.

      First of all, welcome to our forum and hopefully you will stick around.

      I've had to remove the link from your post, as I don't feel it's in our best interest to have our members follow links to external webpages where you're asked to register with "Name/Alias/FTP screenname" and email adresses.

      Hopefully you can understand why, and I would appreciate it if you could try and refrain from posting such links in the future.

      If there are any questions about this or anything else, don't hesitate to ask.

    • nikotodo
      Joined: 03.11.2011 Posts: 2
      Hey fruktpuff,

      Of course i'll understand and i'm so sorry about that mistake! That kind of thing didn't even cross our minds that people would see it that way..

      We have now made changes to the site and we have removed that question! Now there's just space for "nickname" so everyone can choose what ever name they please to use on our site and that way also stay "anonymous" if they want..

      Again we're truly sorry that it had a bad sound in it and that was not our intension by any means. If the changes made are now ok, feel free to post our link again if possible.

      Thank you