Dear Black Member,

Apart from the special service and the individually tailored suit, Black Member status also provides you with the opportunity to visit our Black Member events.

I. Tickets and qualification time frame

You'll need one or several tickets to participate in these events, which you can earn in the qualification time frame determined, provided you're a Black Member. You'll need to earn 33,000 StrategyPoints in the qualification time frame quoted below to get a ticket.

The three qualification time frames are:

1st January - 30th April
1st May - 31st August
1st September - 31st December

You can only win one ticket during each qualification time frame. Each Black Member receives a ticket for the qualification window in which he was a Black Member, without having to reach a points limit.

StrategyPoints transfer for under 33,000

Black Members who earn less than 33,000 StrategyPoints and therefore do not receive a ticket don't have to start again from 0 in the next time frame. They can carry earned StrategyPoints over into the next time frame, giving them a chance to earn the ticket, despite reduced activity. If the 33,000 points still remain out of reach, the StrategyPoints will be added to the subsequent qualification time frame, until a total of 33,000 StrategyPoints have been reached. The count starts from zero again in the time frame after the ticket has been earned.

The tickets earned can be used to book events.

Please note the following:

  • Only one ticket can be earned per qualification time frame
  • Even new Black Members who don't have to earn their first ticket, but simply receive it automatically, can only claim one ticket per qualification time frame
  • Tickets cannot be transferred or traded
  • Bookings cannot be cancelled
  • Exchanging event bookings is also generally not permitted. Where an exception is made, places can be exchanged after the normal registration phase is over or when the maximum number of participants has been reached
  • The tickets earned are valid for 12 months from the end of the qualification time frame in which they are earned; so a ticket earned in May is still valid until the end of August in the following year
  • Some events have specific booking and participation requirements. Please read the description of an event and any special conditions carefully before booking an event

II. Black Member Events:

Our events cover a wide range of interests; some include fabulous dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants, activity with a lot of fun & action, wild parties, cooking class` or sightseeing programs.

We urgently recommend our new Black Members to participate in an Event where we offer the tailor service so that our tailor can take your measurements for the exclusive Black Member suit.

Here is the overview of the upcoming Events in 2013.

III. Travel expenses token

As a rule, transport to events is not covered as part of the event offer. However, for particularly active Black Members, we offer the option to earn a travel expenses token.

For 100,000 StrategyPoints earned in one of the qualification time frames mentioned above, a Black Member can apply for a travel expenses token. Travel expenses tokens will be automatically redeemed together with an event ticket. Black Members who redeem their travel expenses token together with an event ticket will be credited with 600 US dollars in their promotion account.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • You can only earn one token per qualification time frame
  • New Black Members must earn the token. For this, StrategyPoints which have been earned for the current qualification time frame in which the Black Member status was achieved are taken into account. For example: if a member becomes a Black Member in June, the StrategyPoints earned from 1st May - 31st August count towards the travel expenses token.
  • Tokens are non-transferable and cannot be traded
  • Up to two tokens can be redeemed for two-ticket-Events
  • Travel expenses tokens are paid out at the start of the following month after an event. Payment occurs automatically if a token is presented, does not need to be applied for additionally
  • Travel expenses tokens are paid into your promotion account

Additional travel expenses for long-distance journeys:

Members who live outside of Europe (inc. Russia) are eligible to receive a travel expenses bonus of 300 USD, provided they redeem a travel expenses token for the event at the same time.
  • Only one long-distance journey bonus can be guaranteed per event, this also applies to two-ticket events
  • To secure a long-distance bonus, proof of residency outside of Europe/Russia must be provided. Proof comprises a telephone bill, for example, or proof or registration at that address
  • The long distance bonus will be paid into the promotion account together with 600 USD for the travel expenses token