Now, if you're thinking - meh, here's that fuzzy again, trying to pull our finger by posting an upwards graph into the downswings section - I'm not! I'm really really pissed. So I've been running pretty bad lately, wondering, hmm, when will it stop... When will I get a nice run of cards once again. Today it finally happened.

I started the session in the usual aggro manner to warm up my opponents , 3-betting IP, raising recklessly from CO and BTN, etc. Then I'm beginning to pick up hands. During the 366 hands session I get dealt:

4x AA
5x KK
3x QQ

Whenever I raise with broadway, I nearly always hit, and cbet of course! I play many good draws aggressively, hit most of them and continue the aggression.


Seriously, wtf. For example I'm at this fishy table, against three donks with 50 VPIP and around 30 WTSD, my PFR is 41 over 50 hands, I keep hitting the flops and they keep folding. Only time a guy calls my cbet is when I am on a flush draw, I hit the flush on the turn and bet again, he snapfolds. In another table I 3-bet a clueless aggro donk three times in a short period. Then I get dealt AA, he raises from MP, I 3-bet and he snapfolds. And so on and so on.

Makes me wonder. If I made the same moves with air would they keep folding? Guess what, I've tried it and - no, no they don't. They'll just shove their ass of with pocket fours or call three streets on a wet board with their middle pair. Anyways. This was my good run of cards I was waiting for.

Here's the graph:

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