I am playing micros now, NL2 to NL10, on a stake. (for fun mostly)
I wanted to record results here in order to update my beloved stakers. :f_love:

Stake 1
status: concluded
time: around 3-4 weeks
ROI: stake amount was multiplied around 550% times i think
comments: crazy aggro BRM with agreed top-ups (which is why it was possible). we run super hot :D :heart:

Stake 2
status: ongoing
comments: plenty of sick setups at the start during shots. (AA, KK, AK, QQ losing hands, set over set). just had to stabilize mindset and grind it out. can't run hot forever.
adjustments made: since no more top-ups agreed to, i can no longer do aggro BRM like before because do not want to risk going bust. looks like we will do this the slow and easy way. if any stakers want to pull out now, just inform me no probs :D

first update: -$27.43