New player from Greece

    • Grfoldem
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      Hello all!
      I am a new player from Greece. Las week I got $50 at poker770 and started playing. At first I tried different games but finally settled at HU NL4. Started with about $20 I had left now I am back up to $50....I start to like this grinding!
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    • IngridN
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      Hi there Grfoldem,

      Welcome to our community!

      Post some hands and get the discussion going, don't forget that If you start to play with the $50 starting capital, there is a bankroll limitation in place which only allows you to play at the limits recommended by our beginner's strategy. As a beginner you can only play stakes up to:

      • No Limit $0.02/$0.04

      • Fixed Limit $0.10/$0.20

      • Sit and Go $1.

    • shane0878
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      Hey I thought you Greeks were broke.
      Playin poker?
      I hope you're putting some of your winnings by for when the IMF come looking for their cash;-)
      Just kidding, I'm from Ireland and we're almost in the same boat:-(
      Welcome, and may I suggest the BSS school, you'll learn loads.
      Good luck.
    • gadget51
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      See that Beginners Course at the bottom of Ingrid's post? Enrol, it's free and the coaching is top class.
    • bringmecards
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      gl at the tables and welcome