Rags to Riches

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      Right I've been playing poker long enough now that I thought it warranted making a blog, if for no other reason that I can track my own progress. Anyway brief bio, I've been playing poker (offline and online) for about a year and a half but with no real success. I burnt through the first $50 starting capital within a few days and after depositing a futher $50 I didn't do much better with that, anyway I took a break when my BR was down to about £14 (don't know what that is USD). I decided to take another shot at my luck after giving myself a cooldown period and started playing NLH2 about two days ago and things were looking good, after a day playing I had over doubled my BR to £31. However after another few hours I was back down to £24. Anyway I have always played ring games and low buyin tournies, so after my downswing I decided to give a $500 R/A $0.5 buyin tourney a shot and after 4 hours I had made it to the final table, another hour later I had knocked out 6 of the final table players and ended up coming first cashing £170.
      (I realised I said brief bio, not so brief in the end...)

      I've been able to determine where I allow myself to slip and hopefully with some more education with be able to get myself building a BR.
      I'll be playing NL2 and low buyin tourneys and post my progress (daily hopefully) here. I also plan to set myself goals which I'll post here in an update.

      Starting BR: £190
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