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looking for a job in the industry

    • whiterice420
      Joined: 04.11.2011 Posts: 2
      hi, i'm completely new & unfamiliar w/ this site community and forum (which i'm going to remedy :D ) and am not sure exactly where to post this.

      will be copy/pasting my OP from 2p2 as well as my 2nd response which both pretty much outline what it is i'm looking for and what point i'm currently at. i feel doing this would be much more effective than trying to provide another rendition as i've had quite a very long day and am exhausted at this point.


      ok, not sure if this is the right forum for this; wasn't sure where else to post it and would like for it to be redirected to the proper forum as opposed to locked/closed/deleted etc.

      i was considering the possibility of pursuing some type of work in the (????)soon-to-be(????) US regulated internet poker industry. i'm not a computer programmer. i played for a living for over 30 months, primarily on ftp and have been around the community for about 5 years now. i'm curious to hear any feedback or advice from anyone who's worked (or still works in, ie pokerstars) in the industry. i worked in finance (mortgage and debt) for about 3 years before going pro and have also worked in pr/customer service areas with a retail debt relief referral agency w
      hich i helped found. i realize i would be completely useless in terms of the programming or coding regarding the software development, but i think i could provide some valuable insight into other areas ie mtt structures promotional offerings or anything else of the sort.

      obviously i would be interested in some form of entry level position (not the fkn filing clerk tho, i'm way too capable & qualified for that imo) and would work my way up if i must. i have dedicated a huge portion of my life and mental capacity to this game and everything related to it, and i totally think it would be the best place for me to find work should it become regulated.

      my issues are where to start looking, who to call or write and what i need to do. if anyone familiar w/ the industry could provide any pointers or maybe an idea of what areas such companies would be hiring for, it would be greatly appreciated. basically just looking for some info so i can properly take the first steps in the right direction.

      thanks in advance!


      this was my OP and below is my 2nd post after a few responses, one of which pointed me to


      tyvm for all responses thus far.
      i browsed the stars career page briefly but it seems they're looking for people to head up entire departments and whom are much more qualified in many areas than myself. i would be looking for something much more entry level that would enable me to utilize my understanding of & familiarity with poker and internet poker sites esp having played hundreds of thousands of hands across a number of different ones for a number of years. i would be in it for the long haul (or obv until multiple wpt/wsop binkaments) as i've accepted that i myself as a person need to alleviate some of the stress brought on by playing poker for a living by providing myself a bit of an overlay from choping out a guaranteed rate at 'work'
      the problem is i dont really have it in me to completely dedicate myself to work hard at something if i'm completely disinterested in it. i'd probably be completely capable, but probably not completely effective / efficient.
      i think i could possibly help w/ security regarding finding collusion, people scamming accounts or chip dumping / soft playing etc. customer service possibly as well, although i feel that's geared a little more towards customer relations than it is with poker (i'm certain someone with absolutely no knowledge of poker whatsoever could effectively handle the position)

      i was unable to find the poster 'any questions' although i'm certain i read through part of the thread briefly. it looks like the poster's account / thread have been removed or deleted :/
      was really hoping to speak with him/her as he/she would have been able to provide some great insight on how to break into the business.

      i'll be looking around as much as i can and will still be on here frequently. will post updates with anything i might find or hear as well, and i would also greatly greatly appreciate it if anyone who knows of / hears anything that might help my (and others w/ concurrent interest) cause could post any bit of information or link me to the information in here also.



      i was then directed to look here for any and all information i could obtain regarding finding work in the poker industry, as i was informed that this site is always helpful in that regard.

      having said that, i would like to say hello to all of you, and i look forward to becoming more involved with this community as well.
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