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BSS - raises ahead

    • blackstone1
      Joined: 05.09.2007 Posts: 105
      Hi i have one question regarding BSS - raises ahead

      if there is a normal raise MP2+ 4xbb and MP3 calls, CO calls and BU calls, i was sitting with QQ in small blind.

      do you reraise or just call ?

      first you are out of position, second in article it says

      Is the raise more than 6 times the big blind.
      You should only play monster hands (AA and KK) and very strong hands (QQ, JJ and AK) if there's such a big raise with at least 6 times the big blind in front of you. Reraise with AA and KK and just call with QQ, JJ and AK.


      i decided just to call
      flop bringed A K and a low card.

      If you reraise what would be your action with BSS on flop incase there was still everybody in (prolly check>fold if i am right) but if u were against 1 guy that would call a massive reraise do you think its wise to conti bet on a flop like that ? Cause personally i think only AA or KK or AK and JJ in worse case would call that big bet if a guy is really loose.
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    • aciddrop
      Joined: 08.10.2006 Posts: 1,519
      I think the way to play this is raise. One raiser, three callers of the raise, should be x6 the original raise, which would be 24BB. Maybe because you are out of position, make it 28, but that shouldn't be necessary. Seriously, the only hand that should be able to call would be the original raiser, but even he might fold that, unless he has AA, AK or KK. If you know his raising range is looser than this, you don't need to hold back.

      I know that the average player doesn't play according to strict standards, and you might get more than you want coming after you, but mostly they will think you have AA and fold. The flop you saw is one good reason to play this way. You want no-one coming behind you on an Ace high flop.

      You could play this for set value preflop, which would be call, but then you definitely fold with the AK flop.

      Against one caller, I would contibet, I have indicated I am holding a monster, so that flop shouldn't scare me. If there are two or more who decided to come along, check/fold, because then there is serious risk that some random Ace or King could be out there.

      That would be my approach to this.
    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      ya i reraise/squeeze preflop from SB.

      then if the villain puts me all-in, i either make a tough fold (if villain is remotely clued as at <NL100 this means KK or AA, rarely AK) or i call (if he's a maniac)