Hello from Malta!!

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      Hellow poker lovers and pokerstrategists! I have now been a member for 5 months and i guess its time that i at least introduce myself. Well my name is Kevin, im 35 years old (hmmmmm already 35!) and i am from the island of Malta.

      I started playing poker quite recently, about a year and a half ago. It was with some friends who had started playing NL tournaments between 9-10 players. I immediately loved the game and started doing some research and reading. I also setup an account on FTP :( Well actually my girlfriend opened the account but she didnt play much. Initally i started playing MTTs and then NL2 or NL5 games but having no knowledge of concepts such as BRM, position etc. i quickly got bankrupt.

      Then i found this site and when i saw the vast amount of information available to learn more about poker and also due to the free 50$ offer i passed the quiz and open an account on FTP. i got my 50$ from pokerstrategy and deposited another 50$....and basically a week after FTP was shut down! I was lost at that point but i decided to contact pokerstrategy and managed to get another 50$ on a new account on partypoker. Well after reading and studying...and swearing i am now playing at NL10 (6 handed). My play has improved but i need to focus on

      1. stricter BRM
      2. post-flop play
      3. avoiding at all costs tilt. i think this is my weakest point.

      i read how many players play more than one table at the same time. i am really not able to do this (not even 2 tables) as i find it hard to focus on both tables and my play is not good so i prefer playing just one table.

      i need to install elephant and start gathering some stats and start posting some hands for feedback. i hope this will help me improve my play.

      In a couple of hours time i am playing in the depositors freeroll on partypoker so wish me luck :f_biggrin:

      Thanks for your patience to read all this and thanks agin to pokerstrategy for the wealth of information provided to improve our game!
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