Bull Deal

    • LucasJorgensen
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      This deal whit the restriction sucks :( . I played and colleted more than a 1000 point and talked to the support to get the restriction lifted but no not possible :evil: My colleted points included some bonus points which dos not count towards getting the restriction lifted, bull. I dont even care about trying to play with good bmm just wanna burn it all on cash game lost my fate in this deal.
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    • KozakFB
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      clearly on tilt. Relax man, if you'r on 1000 points with a bonus that means your on 500.

      They dont give points away for free.


      not laughing at you but laughing at the situation because its exactly the same thing I go through every time I bubble a few SnG's :f_biggrin:

      I should have my restriction lifted any time soon and my bankroll will be close to 100 dollars so I'll be able to play 2 dollar games soon :D