Distinction FL-NL

    • SonicXT
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      I signed up for a 33$ Texas Hold'em tournament, but to my disgust, it appeared to be a limit hold'em tournament. Of course, knowing I ain't gonna get that money back, I bitch a little about how hard it too see the distinction at Party Poker between NL Holdem and FL Holdem tournament, the latter represented in the menu by just "Holdem"

      Then I type this in the chatbox :
      SonicXT: damn, didn't notice this was fixed limit when signing on :D
      Middy79: me neither, yawn!!
      Wikid777: nor me :(
      januarius76: me too..
      balticblond: u2?? well we are stuck here

      5/10 players are seated in a tourney they don't wanna play, lol
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    • SoyCD
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      Haha. That happened to me a while ago. I accidently signed up for some Micro FL tournament. Ended up somehow finishing 26th out of 1500 though :D

      But 5/10 not wanting to actually sign up is quite hilarious :)