micro cash game - filter hands # of players?

    • hackbinder
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      If all I play is 6 max micro cash, should I be filtering my HUD stats for # of players?

      I'll usually cut out of the table if there is less than 4... Does it matter?


      If I should be filtering, I'm thinking...

      # of
      players - fliter

      2 - 2-3
      3 - 2-3
      4 - 4-6
      5 - 4-6
      6 - 4-6

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    • EuanM
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      Hey hackbinder,

      Thanks for posting!

      If you only play one variant at a single table size, in your case Shorthanded, then I would recommend filtering your stats accordingly.

      For example, in HEM2, Hud Options --> Site Options --> PokerStars --> 6-Max --> Holdem, this can easily be adjusted should you choose to switch your game in future.

      In my experience, I don't need to make any changes in realtime for my HUD to stay up-to-date with any new players at the table, so as long as the correct table size is selected for your HUD, I don't foresee any issues!

      I hope this helps & good luck at the tables!

    • hackbinder
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      thank you!