[NL2-NL10] JJ with a King on the board

    • kiromanAAKK
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      NL Holdem $0.02(BB)
      SB ($1.93)
      BB ($1.3)
      UTG ($1.75)
      HJ ($1.75)
      HERO ($2.14)
      BTN ($4.25)

      Dealt to Hero J:club: J:spade:

      UTG Folds , HJ Calls $0.02 , HERO Raises To $0.1 , BTN Folds , SB Folds , BB Calls $0.08 , HJ Calls $0.08

      Flop ($0.28) 2:spade: K:spade: 9:diamond:
      BB Checks , HJ Bets $0.02 , HERO Calls $0.02 , BB Calls $0.02

      Turn ($0.34) 2:spade: K:spade: 9:diamond: 4:heart:
      BB Checks , HJ Bets $0.2 , HERO Calls $0.2 , BB Folds

      River ($0.74) 2:spade: K:spade: 9:diamond: 4:heart: 4:diamond:
      HJ Bets $0.56 , HERO Calls $0.56

      HJ shows K:heart: 9:heart: HJ wins $1.77
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    • Alan883
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      Well river is the question....you have to ask yourself if the opponent is wilig tu bluff in such a spots?

      If yes you can call otherwise is fold. I doubt he would bet with 9x or bluff with air and there are many Kx in his range.

      For me river is fold.
    • veriz
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      Hello kiromanAAKK,

      He is not bluffing the river there, neither I doubt he is bluffing the turn. :) I'd be inclined to fold it right on turn. I doubt he is betting this way into us with a draw.

      Best Regards.