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**Bart's Blog**

    • DonBartos
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      **Bart's Blog**


      Hi everybody,

      First of all, thanks for reading this. I doubt that everybody will actually read this whole post, but at least thanks for trying/starting! So there we are, blog number 1,907. Not really a number thats quite special, but it surely indicates that there's a lot of "competition". After all, a blog is written to be followed, and with 1,906 other blogs, you better make something special to get some attention!

      Not that I am really looking to make the most populair blog there is, because with those damn high stakes ballers on this forum that would be mission impossible for a small stakes sit n go fish like myself. So yeah, I'm currently figuring out what I'll write about, so there will probably be some, if not a lot random crap in this openingspost, and surely in the rest of this blog. But nevertheless we will continue.

      **About Bart**

      OK, so who is this guy. That's probably what basically everybody who is reading this post is thinking. Well, my name is Bart. I'm a guy from the Netherlands who plays and coaches Sit n Go's. I've played basically everything from 6 max SNGs upto Multi Table Tournaments with 10,000+ players. I've even tried to make something with 4 cards in my hand for a couple of months, but I realized cashgames aren't really my thing and I only like to play omaha like a maniac and if you do, it's pretty much impossible to multi table, let alone mass table. I always came back to the Sit n Go's and that's probably what I will keep doing for the next couple of months/years.

      I'm still in school and I play poker on the side. I think my best game is in the 45man Sit n Go's on PokerStars, and I do believe I'm one of the better regs in that specific gametype. But then again, there aren't so many good regs since everybody is mass multi tabling and more often than not just blindly clicking buttons without really thinking about it. But, so am I.

      I've played about 20,000 games or something and I've played a maximum of 45 tables at a time. Currently I play max 30 tables, tiled. So that are really a bunch of small tables right there. I guess I'll never have to visit an eye doctor, as long as I'm able to read the blinds and stacks on such small tables. I play on 2 24inch monitors, I might upload some pictures of my "grind-room" some day.

      **Poker Carreer**

      It all started in school, just before the pokerboom hit The Netherlands and that Moneymaker-guy won a few million dollars. I've played some poker on some weird online mafia games (hench the nickname). And after that I've got a few of my friends to play some poker in the breaks at school. As I said, it was before the poker-boom hit The Netherlands, so nobody heard of the pokerchipsets, so we used Monopoly money like real ballahs.

      We started playing something like No Limit 7-card Stud. A game I came up which, and after 3 year or so I figured it kinda looked like 7-card stud. Then after the pokerboom hit The Netherlands, I couldn't fight playing No Limit Hold 'em. Everybody played it, any other type of games was just for cowboys and a real no-no. So there I was, holding 2 cards instead of 7. We played a bit live, then online playmoney. And after a little while I started freerolling and a little while after that I got some $ on PokerStars from a friend of mine, who was already quite a decent player at the time. The guy already got a TV and such from his FPP points, while I couldn't even buy a cap. :(

      But that really motivated me to become a better player and I tried to get better, browsed for some videos and articles and tried to understand as much as I could. I made so many calculations without knowing what it was about that I looked like an Asian guy but like an idiot at the same time.

      After some spewing around at PokerStars, making some deepruns, but never really shipping some good moneys, I switched to iPoker for a little while. I clicked on deposit and before you know it there was $50 in my account, lovely technology. I started playing some SNGs with that $50, and before you know it my bankroll was increasing by the minute and I was crushing the SNGs like there's no tomorrow. At least, that was untill I woke up from that dream and I looked into my poker account and saw there was only $25 left.

      As the real degen as I am I put those $25 into some tourneys one night. I guess I played a $2 Speed Rebuy and a $11 FO. Of course, I busted quite soon in the $11 FO but I started making a nice stack in the $2 rebuy. I started stealing some blinds, hit some flops, got aces like 5 times in a row and before you know it I won the tourney for $1,300 or something like that. I probably played worse than a monkey with a laptop but that doesn't matter: Money = Money! I woke up the morning after it hoping it wasn't a dream and quickly starting my laptop and opening my Mansion Poker account to see if it was, and there it was: $1,300 shiny dollars smiling at me.

      In January 2010 I started taking poker somewhat more seriously, I started grinding the 45-man SNGs on Stars and as the poor student that I was I started at $1. So since then I've been grinding 18mans, 45mans, 180mans and MTTs for about 2 years now. I guess I'm still best at the 45mans, but volume kinda sucks after black friday (no American fish :( ).


      I've been a Coach, Video Producer and Handjudge for the Dutch community of since March 2011. I have about 20 videos online on now and I've done weekly coachings since. I still make videos and do weekly coachings. I've also coached and staked some players myself. I have some profit-share deals and some players have taken coaching from me.


      I'm currently in my biggest downswing ever. I've had a $5,000 downswing which comes partly from MTTs and partly from 180/45mans. It's basically running bad at every single higher stakes game and running OKish at the lower ones. I've dated Miss Variance for about 4 months now and she isn't always as cute as you might think. But then again, that's poker. I do believe I have one of the better mindsets so I will continue to grind, and I haven't had any tilt moments or stuff like that.

      **Supernova and 6max**

      I actually have only one goal left for this year, 2011. And that goal is becoming Supernova VIP Status at PokerStars. This requires 100,000 VPP yearly and I'm currenly at 88,000 VPP so it should be doable.

      I will aim to become Supernova by playing 6-max SNGs. I started playing them a few days ago and I'll start at $15 6-max Turbo, and might move up from there. I think there's more future and growing options in 6-max than there is in 45-mans/180-mans. I will try to improve my game by doing a lot of reviewing in SNG Wizard and Nash calculations and discussing with other players. Also, I will (re)watch all the 6-max videos offers.


      I do have some goals for 2012. I will try to get 200,000 VPP. I don't think money goals are really a good idea. It's just so depending on variance that you give yourself such an easy chance to disappoint yourself when you do give yourself money-goals. I will decide if I will continue to grind 6-max SNGs, or Multi Table SNGs, or some kind of mix in 2012. My study end in June 2012, and I actually want to go pro for 1 or 2 years from there on. It really depends on my results in the upcoming months, aswell as my financial options and progress in the whole poker world. I don't know what will happen to the poker world like games getting more difficult or poker becoming legal and stuff like that. It's just a big wait at the moment. I kinda want to move from The Netherlands to another country if I do decide to go pro, and it would be nice to get a few grinders to set up a grinding-villa and become millionairs from there on.

      **Too long, didn't read**

      Hi, I'm Bart and this is my blog.
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