Poker needs another Daniel Negreanu

    • JBCD71
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      The state of poker has been in a negative light as of late as we all know.What poker does need right now is another ambassador like Daniel,with the talent and integrity and honesty of course what Mr.Negreanu is known for.People will have their opinions,but mine is.. Poker needs alot more good people and players with personalities that will push the game to another level which will attract more players to the game.Some who can take Poker and lead by example and be a leader.Mr.Negreanu certainly does a good job of it all round.It doesnt hurt that he has a likeable personality.They say every decade a new star is born in Poker..lets hope this player will have all the attributes Mr.Negreanu has and more.Now that would be good for poker and put a nice smile on my face.Poker needs some positive news,i am growing tired of hits poker has taken and bruised up.Poker now needs to heal and start throwing some punches.I believe that time will be sooner than later.See you at the felt.JBCD71 AKA Johnny ACES Cabral
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