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      Hey SRBSavic1,

      First of all, I have moved your thread to it's more appropriate home in the Party Poker board.

      Hopefully our members will spot this and give you their 2 cents on SNGs at Party.

      I don't generally play at Party myself, but I believe the micro level SNGs are quiet soft with plenty of bad regs and recreational fish.

      Chenny8888 does are a coaching at Party every Sunday morning at 11am GMT, it's definitely worth checking out.

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      The blinds structure is not great with a big jump from 100/50 to 200/100. The rake, better than before, is still high on the micro.

      Several problems with the software recently and a very bad customer service who answers fast but always to say it's not their fault. I finally gave up PP and will focus on Poker Stars.