[NL20-NL50] Nl 50 Fr - A10

    • nttflox
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      Full Tilt Poker
      No Limit Holdem Ring game
      Blinds: $0.25/$0.50
      9 players

      Stack sizes:
      UTG: $50.40
      UTG+1: $52.25
      MP1: $28.20
      MP2: $48
      MP3: $18.40
      CO: $43.50
      Button: $52.65
      Hero: $49.50
      BB: $10

      Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is SB with T A
      2 folds, MP1 calls, MP2 folds, MP3 calls, 2 folds, Hero calls, BB checks.

      Flop: 2 3 A ($2, 4 players)
      Hero checks, BB checks, MP1 bets $1, MP3 calls, Hero raises to $5, BB folds, MP1 calls, MP3 folds.

      Turn: T ($13, 2 players)
      Hero bets $10, MP1 raises all-in $22.7, Hero calls.

      River: J ($58.4, 1 player + 1 all-in - Main pot: $58.4)

      Final pot: $58.4

      I shouldn't build a pot with top pair good kicker, right?
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    • chenny8888
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      no, but you have to raise it to feel where you're at.

      you stand to lose a much bigger pot if you flatcall and villain fires 2 more bullets...

      as it stands it's unlucky he played his set/straight/whatever with a flatcall on the flop, but after your flopbet you can still fold to big resistance unimproved.

      with the turncard, it becomes very hard to get away from
    • Thorsten77
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      I don't like the flop raise. Call and reevaluate the turn. By raising, you kick out all worse hands, but don't get many better hands to fold.