Seriously Starting Out

    • ComplyOrDie8
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      I have played poker on and off for about 2 years and now seriously want to get into it.

      My question is what should i play for example sng's or cash games, and what specialized software would I need for each.


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    • purplefizz
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      hi Comply,

      welcome to our forums! it's good to hear that you want to give this a serious shot. picking your game (tourns vs cash) is really up to which one you enjoy more. since you have 2 years experience already, you should have some idea which is better suited for you. if not, why don't you try them again? they have their own peculiarities for example, sng's would need you to perfect your push-fold ranges while cash games need you to perfect your bet sizings to maximize value as every cent/bb counts.

      software will depend on which game you have picked. for example for SNG players, you might want to download ICM trainer, trainer light and use SNG wizard.

      for both, you will eventually want to have tracking software like Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker or Elephant.

      any more clarifications/questions, dont hesitate to shout.