• Antonioull
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      It was nice

      Would like to present some suggestions.

      1- If possible and being Collin so popular among SNG players maybe it would be nice to open a thread with questions in advance , then select the most interesting ones possibly elaborate some discussion points around those questions and reply live before the training

      2 I am in favour of planning before the training , for example 30 min for replies
      15 min for overall talk about online poker directions is headed
      then maybe some live... whatever , but if things are pre programmend i feel
      they would work out much better
      also some poll here about what people want in the training ?

      I feel it would be nice to change a bit the direction as for ex. Unam gives already the live turbo training so , although that might still be an option with Collin i feel adding extra value points would be much better

      Kind regards

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