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some questions about preflop

    • churchilland
      Joined: 26.01.2011 Posts: 263

      I just started MSS and after 6 hours session with it i have soem questions that are maybe covered on theory but I missed it or they not.. anyway would be great if someone can help or jsu say their opinion:

      I play NL2

      1) Min raise - if someone min raises (let's say NL2 and bets 0,04) do you treat him as reraise, cause i feel that i can treat them as limpers and go with raising chart and not 3 betting chart

      2)Resteal when someone limped - let's say someone limped mp2, you are SB or BU and have a good hand acording to steals and resteals char it is good for betting - do you raise or the fact that someone limped makes it different situation and we need to look only to raising char? I ask thsi myself cause i feel that the most of limpers are fishes and even if they call they will fold on my c-bet

      thank you for help
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    • hogzzz
      Joined: 08.11.2011 Posts: 31
      I think you would have to take into account the style of the player when min raising. You have to note when the player goes to showdown what hands he is min raising with. I mean he could be min raising pocket pairs to avoid just simply limping, he could be min raising everytime he enters the pot.... or he could be trapping. I would say it is difficult to say whether you should treat min raises as raises or limper as players can use them for different reasons.

      At NL2 I would probably say to treat them as limpers though as the majority of fish would min bet to be conservative with weaker hands and you would want to raise over the top of them to narrow the field and protect your hands against marginal hands which may outflop you.
    • Jimanyjerk
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 366
      I'm still trying to work out exactly how to deal with those annoying min-raisers, especially when I'm min-raised behind. I tend to be more on the timid side of things and think "a min-raise behind is still a raise behind." The person may have a poor idea of how to bet but have a fairly tight range. I make a note of every person who min-raises or min bets and I try to watch what they are shooting with like Hogzzz said.

      Whenever I am facing a limper I religiously use the ROL chart in the bronze section for MSS. Although I only have about 3k hands to go off of with the MSS I feel confident in recommending its use. Quite frequently you just drag down the blinds and dead money for a tidy profit. I'm more careful from the SB, but when I've got the button and a limper or two in front, I'm happy to play against a limping range with what's likely a stronger hand and position to boot.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      +1 to both the above posts, i tend to play like this too, I count a min raise at nl2 as a raise and tend to use the rol chart for limpers.
      Because players are so loose at that level, I fold more often and wait for the time to stack them off, I think a lot of players at this level think because you are short stacked they can call you with atc, which of course is not the case its the opposite!!
      This month my winnings are breakeven, but my allin EV has shot up like a rocket. They just cant resist callling even though my stats are 11/11 !!! :D