[NL2-NL10] bad play?

    • yaxkukmian
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      villain unknown
      18 hands/ 41/12

      I don't believe we folds to cbet but I think it's better to do that than only c/f.

      On turn I want to see cheap river and I said to myself even if he minraises, I'm out...when he minr I thought "I still have some outs on the river".

      To be frank I gave him wider range when I decided to call. Now when analyzing it I would give him something like this...

      Board: T:diamond: 2:heart: J:spade:  T:spade:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      CO     38.97%  38.97%   0.00% { AsKs }
      BU     61.03%  61.03%   0.00% { AJs-ATs, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, T8s, 98s, Qs9s, Ts9s, AJo-ATo, KTo+, QTo+, JTo, T9o }

      Easy fold on the turn?

      What about river? He value bets his T so I think it's better to c/r than bet into him?

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($10)
      BB ($27.91)
      UTG ($7.40)
      UTG+1 ($10.76)
      Hero ($10)
      BTN ($7.12)

      Dealt to Hero K:spade: A:spade:

      fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.35, BTN calls $0.35, fold, fold

      FLOP ($0.85) 2:heart: T:diamond: J:spade:

      Hero bets $0.50, BTN calls $0.50

      TURN ($1.85) 2:heart: T:diamond: J:spade: T:spade:

      Hero bets $0.92, BTN raises to $1.90, Hero calls $0.98

      RIVER ($5.65) 2:heart: T:diamond: J:spade: T:spade: 7:spade:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $4.37 (AI), Hero calls $4.37

      Hero shows K:spade: A:spade:
      (Pre 60%, Flop 76.5%, Turn 90.9%)

      BTN shows 7:heart: 6:heart:
      (Pre 40%, Flop 23.5%, Turn 9.1%)

      Hero wins $13.44
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    • veriz
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      Hello yaxkukmian,

      Well, I guess I'd still 2nd barrel there normal size. Of course the guy looks fishy but as well the 2nd barrel with such an amount could easily even induce raises and against normal raises we wont be able to Call.

      Best Regards.