Looking for hardware

    • ThreeFour34
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      I am looking for a device offering:

      - possibility to play Pokerstars tables
      - wifi connectivity
      - browsing and emailing
      - reading PDFs
      - price around 100 eur
      - screen 7"

      Any ideas?
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    • antstruk
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      What do you mean a "device"
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Pc/Laptop/Mac might be a good place to start...just a thought....
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Are you talking about a smart phone/tablet device?

      Im no tech whiz but im pretty sure pokerstars doesnt offer a mobile client anyway so this would be out of the question you should just stick with laptop/pc for now, the classics are always the best :)


    • ThreeFour34
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      Yeah, i was reffering to something smaller like Tablet PC, or like iPad, but way cheaper.
    • bjela
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      Well, some windows tablets are due in the near future, but I doubt any one of them will be anywhere near 100 euros.

      You can maybe find a used older laptop for that amount of money, but odds are it will suck.

      Solution: Study harder, play more, win more money and buy a new laptop. Depending on where you buy it, you can find good laptops for ~300 euros.
    • ThreeFour34
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      Have PC and have laptop, but i need something smaller like to play in casino, in time i am waiting for good cards to play. Or for WC, need something like iPad but in dont need function ipad offers, so some Prestigio would be perfect.
    • Bubalus
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      You probably need tablet with windows or linux(through Wine program) support, otherwise it wont work. But unless used, it is hard to get one under 300€.

      1. 10.1 inch APad Windows 7 Tablet PC - around 300€
      2. Viliv X70 UMPC around 350€ Win 7 support tablet
      3. Some Asus eeePC would be ok considering the size and weight
      4. IBM X41 Tablet - not sure but should be around 100€

      Only (reasonable) room that has Android support is Bwin as far as I know.