holy tilt knuckles

    • KozakFB
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      just went on my first raging tilt session.

      Kept getting in good and getting sucked out on so I thought fuck this shit and bought into a 30 dollar HUSNG (FUCKENLOL!)

      Dwindled the guy down to 610 chips, got it all in A/J vs his 9/7. He spikes a 7 and takes the pot down.

      I dwindle him back down to 900, he gets it all in with Q/8 I have A/9. He takes down the pot with an 8 on the flop.

      I have 1350 chips left, I raise, he shoves, I call. He has A/5, I have K/J. I catch a king on the flop and he catches runner runner straight.

      Luckily I had withdrawn half my roll otherwise that would've been gone too.

      I'm back to the 50 dollar starting capital and gonna take a break from online poker for a week or two. My live game has been getting really good lately and there are a few good tournaments coming up that I want to satellite into through Australia's poker league.

      I'll probably take this time to go back to studying as well..
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