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    • mrk1988
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      Hey MrMardyBum,

      first of all - sorry that this thread was overlooked by us.

      Please send us your logfiles from 11/14/11.
      You can find them here:

      "C:\Users\WinUser\AppData\Local\\ SideKick\Logs"

      Also, please include any hands played on 11/14/11.

      Make sure to create a zip / rar file to send them as an email attachement to application-services[at]pokerstrategy[dot]com.

      Please make sure to send us a link to this thread and your username.
    • MrMardyBum
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      Sorry I didn't see your reply till now as well...

      I know what went wrong here and it was my bad... I upgraded operating systems and ending up doing a duel boot vista/7, and the hands on the sidekick obviously kept the same counter but the reference file for the program couldn't find any history so I assume it starting counting from 0 again.