Luckiest Player

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      First of all let me state this post is NOT about me thats for sure!!
      I was playing tonight on 888 and i think i must have come across the luckiest player ive ever seen. He was raising calling with the worst cards yet hitting every flop perfectly! I thought il pick my moment and have him. I get aces and decide to 4 bet him for half his stack about $10, and he snap calls me, great i think.
      Flop comes down 4,6,7 rainbow and he pushes all in. I think its possible he could have trips but with what id seen so far that im pretty sure the pocket rockets are good, so I call for the rest of my stack and what does he turn over....... 5 8o!! Have a word!
      And that was just 1 hand I could list about twenty in a row that would make grown men cry!

      Needless to say that done me right up and this was just one of a series of bad calls and bad beats he dished out to myself and other players at the table and boy was he getting some abuse with his luckbox calls! Now i know this player was on a heater and long term he wont make diddley squat but in the short term ive pulled out what little hair ive got! I made a note of his name and I will no doubt bump into him again and I hope hes just as bad/fishy when im on that sort of run!!
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