• Satirach
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      you declined me,although i passed the quiz and sent you photoes of my id and drivers licence that arevalid.
      how can I get my 50$ bonus now...?
      i sent fronts and backs of document and my picture,and my picture holding documents...
      3 days i was bothering for nothing,you replied to me negative...
      now you say I cant get my bonus,although i sent you all you required...
      your Satirach
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    • MarkQuick
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      Hi Satirach,

      I'm sorry to read that your account didn't pass our random ID check. Please don't let this put you off, as we do have a lot to offer you. For example, you'll have access to exclusive articles, freerolls and of course the best forum in poker!

      I have sent you a ticket regarding our bonuses etc, please click here to view your ticket :)