So last night I was playing a $30 tournament with 15 players. We started off with 10K in chips and blinds started at .25/.50. I tend to do well in deep stack tournaments because of the flexibility your stack allows. However, about 2 orbits in I pick up AJc UTG. I raise 3x and get called by the cutoff and the button. Then the big blind three bets to 450. i folded simply because I know a 4 bet is out of the question and even though I could flat and have position post flop, I think its a terrible call. Then about another orbit later I pick up 99 in the big blind. I get 4 limpers and I think this is where I made my first critical error of the night. I CHECKED my option. Call me a fucking idiot because I surely did. The flop came
9cTc3c. I lead for a little over half pot and get called in two spots by the two biggest stacks at the table (roughly 90bbs or more). The turn is the Ac. I checked and the two big stacks went at it. Then I went into fear mode and dusted off another 20 big blinds or so within a few orbits. My final hand was with a stack of 4400 with the blinds at 150/300. UTG raised to 900. MP3 flats. I jammed with JJ and get called by KK on the button. End of story.

I know I played WAAAY too passive and way too scared. Other than that, what could I do to improve this and not let it happen again. PLEASE BE BRUTALLY HONEST. I enjoy finding flaws with my game and fixing them.