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I have an idea but could use some input.

    • BJM362
      Joined: 11.03.2008 Posts: 11
      Pokerstrategy was gracious enough to add PokerStars to thier Bankroll program !!!
      Bravo and hats off to you guys !!!

      I am not sure if that is going to help me or not.

      I may have had a play money account there some years back,or it may have been a site with a simular name.I know I had one at PokerChamps and that sounds simular.
      I know I NEVER deposited any money ther or played at any real money tables there.I would remember that !

      That being the case I would think I could still do this program there,but it may require a few actions before I start.

      I thought it would be a good idea to post what I am thinking and get your oppinions. Especially since there is a potential that if I do it wrong it would just screw things up.

      I think I should contact them and see if they even show that I had an account there. It is after all possable I did not.

      If I had a play money account there I should explain what I am tryiing to do (including that I intend to play with real money at there site).Then I should ask if closing that account (if it is even open) would clear the way for your Bankroll program.
      If that works then I should just follow instructions !

      The other option is to just try it and see.Since I am not sure if I ever had an account there or not that might work fine!

      Personally I think being upfront with them would be the best approach.
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    • Backcushion
      Joined: 29.12.2007 Posts: 816
      If you don't have the same email on that account(which you can't anyways) then who cares :D ?
      Wasn't it like you couldn't have 2 real money accounts?
    • thunderbird56
      Joined: 02.12.2007 Posts: 2,186
      Hi BJM362,

      I'm not sure if PokerStars can allow you to open another account while you own just a playmoney account there. To make the situation clear, i recommend that you contact their support team before you go ahead here.

      Happy Easter!