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How Do You Deal With That?

    • foolboydesire
      Joined: 21.10.2010 Posts: 153
      Lost 10 buy ins on weekend and dropped down a limit to NL4. Past two days i was breaking even on NL4, despite being sucked out here and there, today I lost 7 buy ins after playing 1k hands. on a f%&^&^$$^ nl4.
      not even coolers, all bad beats. i di not tilt, just kept playing, though it was super hard to saty calm and tight, i had to take 10min break at one moment (at that time i had only lost 2 buy ins yet) after that break i played really solid, calm, tight, no fancy plays, good starting hands, abc poker. lost 5 more buy ins.
      it would be explainable if i lost to regs, but no, all fishes, fncken callin stations catching flushes straights and all other hell, at one point i was really afraid of a fish hitting his flush again against me, so i overbet the turn with my top two pair, which puts him all in. and he calls. of course. has K high flush draw, no pair. hits his flush on the river.
      now i was devastated. had to quit few hands later. i dont am i weak mentally, i felt i could continue, but what's the point, i'm not as angry as i feel helpless, like what can you do? don't push your top sets on drawy boards because villain can hit on turn? let them draw cheaply? fnck no
      and i made some good folds in the heat of all that, like folding my set on a board with 4 clubs, so i really handled my tilt this time, which i am very proud of myself, but i still lots shit load of $

      i know its a silly post and ill probably get over this by evening, but damn it, this is HARD.
      sometimes i just dont want to accept that f556ckin b1tch variance

      i needed to let it off me

      thank you for whoever is reading this

      sorry if its blabbery shit, but hey, this forum is for bitchy whining, right?
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    • kirbupask
      Joined: 06.11.2009 Posts: 19
      Just live to fight another day. Truth for both poker and life in general.

      Everyone has bad variance days,nothing to be worried about.

      GL in the future
    • clawindsouza
      Joined: 08.12.2009 Posts: 7,085
      a 10 min break is way too less...if youre taking a 10 min break its as good as continuing the last session...

      take this seriously..take a 2 hour break minimum...before sitting down make sure that youre not thinking about the last session...make sure that youre starting a new session....make sure that youre ok with suck outs...

      I've been where you are right now...and trust me when you say youre not on tilt - YOU ARE!!

      You probably got sucked out a few times...but it sounds like it affected many of your decisions...a ten min break is bs IMO...doesn resolve anything..

    • foolboydesire
      Joined: 21.10.2010 Posts: 153
      thank you guys for awesome support, i really needed it and appreciate it.
      i guess i am experiencing what Jared calls accumulated emotion, because my results seem stagnate for last two months and don't meet my expectations. but there's probably no way around this, it's hard but we have to continue with confidence.
      poker brings out the worst in us out to the surface, which is actually good because then we can work on that and try to fix it and get past those issues.

      ok, back to battle!
      variance is the reason why poker is profitable after all :D
      i just hope to face those players again, because, well, i want them at the table rather than tight regulars :)
    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
      Three words: Kick. Old. People.
    • andiperusko
      Joined: 04.11.2010 Posts: 58
      Hey foolboydesire ! At the begining of November i lost 23 BI in 6 days , app. 10000 hands played at NL10. Fortunately i go Up in limit with 50BI minimum so i survived with no problems , only some little changes I made .
      And i know it was not only variance ,I started playing realy bad this month .
      Now im on my way back again . :)
    • deezer79
      Joined: 13.06.2011 Posts: 191
      You know what I say in those situations..."just shit ya pants, dive in and swim".
    • CheckBop
      Joined: 20.11.2010 Posts: 313
      pure zen thats how - gl