[NL2-NL10] Nl2 Bss Hero Bb 77

    • MeAmor22
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      Hand Information
      Holdem NL, 0.02 BB (9 handed).
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      Table Information
      Seat: 1 rvrvr ($5.02) Dealer
      Seat: 3 pepis4 ($1.84) Small Blind
      Seat: 4 MeAmor22 ($1.89) Big Blind
      Seat: 5 SnowmanCZE ($3.23)
      Seat: 6 vulf ($6.75)
      Seat: 7 jlgzkufvbvgkj ($1.92)
      Seat: 8 REZOjan ($3.67)
      Seat: 9 RusePoker ($1)
      Seat: 10 Angeladdz ($4.85)
      Dealt to MeAmor22
      :7c: :7h:

      Preflop (Pot:0.03)
      SnowmanCZE RAISE $0.04
      vulf FOLD
      jlgzkufvbvgkj FOLD
      REZOjan FOLD
      RusePoker FOLD
      Angeladdz RAISE $0.14
      rvrvr FOLD
      pepis4 FOLD
      MeAmor22 CALL $0.12
      SnowmanCZE CALL $0.1

      Flop(Pot: $0.43)
      :8c: :7s: :5s:

      MeAmor22 BET $0.35
      SnowmanCZE FOLD
      Angeladdz CALL $0.35

      Turn(Pot: $1.13)
      :8c: :7s: :5s: :Qh:

      MeAmor22 BET $0.7
      Angeladdz RAISE $2.42
      MeAmor22 ALL-IN $0.7

      River(Pot: $4.95)
      :8c: :7s: :5s: :Qh: :4c:

      Angeladdz SHOWS
      :Kh: :Kd:
      MeAmor22 wins the pot: $4.95

      1)My bet on flopshould be more higher(0,60-0,65) in order to prtect against a flush draw?
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    • veriz
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      Hello MeAmor22,

      Try adding to full stack if it's possible. :)

      About the play well, I doubt that we are able to fold it here. While the guy could easily have a lot worse hands. Although myself I'd most likely bet it bigger on the flop & turn.

      Best Regards.