[Application] sirilidion's Saterday mtt's/mt SnG's

    • sirilidion
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      07:00 $ 22 Saterday 6-max [NLHE,6-Max, $30K Gtd.] busted ootm
      10:00 $ 27 Saterday Eliminator [NLHE, Knockout, $ 40K Gtd.] busted ootm

      5 * $ 35 180 man SnG's

      busted in 4 ootm
      5th place for $ 375.92

      I am selling 50 % of the action with a mark-up of 0.5 %

      -The total action being sold will be $ 112 with the mark-up this is 112* 1.005 = 112.56 - minimum stake is 10 % or $ 11.26
      - winnings will be transfered shorty after after I finish the last of these tournaments to the account that tranfered the stake
      - there will be a railing thread so everyone staking me can get a hourly update on the games in progress
      -please give me feedback afterworths in the feedbackthread also if you didn't agree the way I did this staking so that I may improve on this in future stakingdeals.

      Staking will only be possible through playertransfers on Stars after:

      - posting for what amount you want to stake me
      -adding me ( if not done already ) to your friendlist on the communitytool
      - conforming the stake though pm

      -If less then 50 % of the action is sold I will play less $ 35 180 man SnG's
      - If I haven't received the funds at lest 1 hour before the first tournament starts your part in the staking will be avaliable again for others to stake so be sure to transfer the funds on time
      -there will be a reservelist if all the action is sold. people on the reservelist will get the chance to stake for this week is the original stakers hasn't transfer the funds at least 1 hour before the tournament. Otherwise people on the reservelist will get the first chance to buy action of next week stakingdeal.

      stakers list
      rhinoneil: 100 % for $ 112.56

      funds received


      total winnings:

      stakingpart of winnings:
      375,92 * 0.5 = $ 187.96
      rhinoneil $ 187.96 * 1 = $ 187.96

      sirilidion's feedbackthread
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