Hey Everyone

    • westy666
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      Joined about a week ago and watched a few of the videos, done the quiz, got me money :)

      I'm based in the UK and been playing for about 8 years.

      Started off playing micro Full Ring S&G then transferred to Full Ring Cash where I was a winning player and played as high as $400NL.

      About 4-5 years ago I joined CardRunners and made the swap to NL 6-max and basically destroyed my bankroll. I tried to go back to full ring but my game was in taters.

      I've just been playing more for fun for the past few years and probably just about broke even.

      I've decided to 're-educate' myself so I'm starting with $150 and going to grind my way back up playing Full Ring NL Cash games and stick to strict bankroll management and re-learn as I go.

      I watched a few of the beginner full ring videos and started from scratch and being really strict with myself when I'm playing and think about my decisions rather than play ABC on auto-pilot.

      I've been playing $4NL on Titan for the past week and logged about 2000 hands and am running at 30 bb/100 without ever really getting myself in trouble.

      So thanks for the great start and I look forward to continue to un-learn all my old bad habits :-)
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      Hey Westy666,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com

      Hope you are enjoying the educational content and as your status improves so does the material. Once you hit Silver and Gold Status I am sure you have the capability to reach the juicy limits again.

      If there is anything we can help you with just shout and we will point you in the right direction :)

      Best wishes and hope you can achieve your goals.

      Kind regards,
    • purplefizz
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      hi westy666,

      a warm welcome to you too sir! if you are determined to make a fresh start, why don't you try the Beginner's course? it should refresh your knowledge in the most organized way possible. although i know you won't totally be starting from the beginning like some other students, but you may still enjoy yourself and learn a thing or two. :) the link is in my sig. check it out if you have time!

    • westy666
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      Thanks. I've already started to work through the beginners courses and it's already helping.

      It's started to get me thinking about my game properly again.

      It's amazing how much stuff I already knew, but had stopped doing for some reason X(

      I think we could all do with a refresher from time to time.
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      Hey westy666,

      Hows it going? and welcome!!

      I have some good news for your regarding your StrategyPoints, please click here to view your ticket.

      If you need anything else just give me a shout. :)
    • bringmecards
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      gl at the tables and welcome