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Account Frozen

    • k1nz10
      Joined: 13.10.2011 Posts: 5
      Hey guys,

      Recently my brothers account was frozen. Just wondering what your guys thoughts on the matter are. Will the account be unfrozen? Why or why not?

      Its been 2 days now with no response back from PS. There isn't a lot of money in the account but enough that it will suck if its gone for good.

      I received an email on the 17th asking for my personal info eg. copy of ID, bank statement etc.. and to explain the nature of my relationship with the pokerstars player ****.

      This was my response:



      My name is ******* ******, I'm the owner of the Account B and the creator of the Account A.

      **** ******, is my brother and the current owner of the pokerstars Account A.

      I initially made my pokerstars account (A) with the intent of being the sole person playing but eventually my brother started playing on the account (A) as well, so I decided to make my own (B). The banking information for the account (A) remained the same because he doesn't have a bank account of his own so I authorized him to use mine. Recently, a banking error was made and subsequently the funds weren't in the account (B) at the time of withdrawal. I paid the withstanding balance owed on the account and understood I'd have to wait for the funds to clear before playing on the account. A few days later, while over at my brothers he requested I deposit money on his behalf in which I did and after a short time of play his account (B) was froze.

      **** created his own account separate from, A, B, but wasn't able to transfer the funds without an initial deposit. This account name was C. Because he was unable to transfer the funds he continued to use the other account (A) instead, as I was no longer using it.

      We've never ran into any other problems using the same banking information before until now. We regret any problems we've caused and apologize for the confusion. If there is anymore information you require I will gladly send it.


      I know what its look like and it sounds pretty fishy but its the truth. I never should have gifted him the old account, but oh well not much I can do now.

      So what are your thoughts?
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      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,031
      Hi k1nz10,

      Unfortunately, the terms and conditions state that setting up multiple accounts is forbidden, even if you gave one of them to your brother, the account was still in your name.

      Stars have found this out and have taken the steps they see fit in this kind of situation, which is not really a surprise.

      The best thing you can do is await their reply and comply to any necessary checks in a polite and friendly matter.

      We have no persuasion in these cases unfortunately and I personally wish you the best of luck. However, you have broken the rules and now it is in Stars hands as to what happens next.

      Keep us informed.

      All the best,