mbml's Celebratory Black Member Coaching Session

    • kiromanAAKK
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      Even if I have joined late on the coaching, I can easily say that it was a good one and for the small time available to me, I really enjoy it!

      Thank you very much Mbml and congratulations for your latest archivement.

      Wish you all the best and far more success in yours already brilliant poker carrier! :)

      During the coaching I asked if you can post the sheet you were about display with a 3bet hand explained in details but you say that it cost you so much time and you were kind to post it.

      I believe that has been a missunderstood about the sheet as I was talking about this one

      as you can say I missed the top one as I was struggle with some tables opened and I wonder if you may be so kind to post the missed part, please?!

      Thank you! :)
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    • mbml
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      hi, thanks for the positive feedback

      anyway the hand is simple, basically I squeeze from the big blinds with AKo and the small blind calls again. His range looks like 77-TT and AQ mostly because he is OOP, i don't really expect anything worse like KQs or AJs and i doubt he will ever have stuff like AK or AA or KK cause he would reraise me again after I squeeze and I doubt he has smaller pairs or speculative hands cos it is just not +EV for him to play any of those hands.

      The board is AT7 with two spades (rather irrelevant because he can hardly have a flushdraw here but still a weaker player might put some flushdraws in his range). I cbet and I get raised here.

      so basically: Folding >>> Calling > Shoving

      because people don't really c/r AQ here since AQ is essentially a bluffcatcher vs TT/AA/AK which I can have here pretty often so by raising he is just isolating himself vs my strong hands. People also dont randomly c/r Ace high boards because it smashes my preflop range of AK AA and AQ and people never really fold top pair top kicker in 3bet pots. So I conclude he has a set here really often and despite his value range being narrow, his bluff range is close to non-existent and I should be folding, or at least calling and folding turn to more aggression.
    • kiromanAAKK
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      That's great!

      Thank you very much for spend the time to explain it to me; very appreciate :)

      The positive feedback is more than meritate and I really hope to have more chances to partecipate in future lesson take by you.

      You are a nutz player and there is a lot of preciouse stuff we can learn from such great player.

      TY :)