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    • PkrAllDay
      Joined: 18.06.2011 Posts: 2
      Hello everyone and welcome on my blog.

      This blog will be also used as a diary of mine, so it will not be an exclusive poker blog.

      My name is irrelevant, all you'll find out about me at this point is that I am a freshman student, in Romania. Yes, that's right, that country you all have heard shitty stories about.

      I am addicted to poker and poor at the moment. Of course, it's every poker player's dream to earn the money they've always dreamed off while doing what they like. It's mine too, but that will be in discusion another time.

      The name of the blog is inspired by the movie with the same name, Limitless.

      There are no limits in whatever you want to do. Your mind is the only thing that limits you.

      Lately I have been having a lot of thoughts in my head and I was just talking to myself. This is hard long-term and I think that writing down and getting help/advice is useful. Maybe it will be for me.

      Some things about my life.

      It is normal. Too normal. I am a person in desire, in need of change and something better. That's why I intend to be the change I need.

      Poker. Big part of my life. I love the game, the strategy behind it, the competition. I have $0 bankroll at the moment. Why is that? Because I have made lots of mistakes in my life regarding poker.

      What I intend to do is not make (as) many mistakes (as i did before). I want to start fresh. With my life and with my poker carrer. The start will be the hardest. I have no money, no source of income at the moment. I live of my parent's back, I stay at their place for 20 years and I intend to stop that as soon as possible.

      Will let you know what my ideas of making some money for my bankroll are.

      Good night, R. :spade:
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    • tadcka
      Joined: 29.07.2011 Posts: 511
      Gl with your blog and goals, mate :)

      Btw cool film, one of my most favorite :)
    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Welcome to our blog section and good luck PkrAllDay! I really liked your intro and how you speak your mind.. very motivating.. keep it up!
    • PkrAllDay
      Joined: 18.06.2011 Posts: 2
      Thank you.

      I have spoken today with a guy that has some connections and I might start dealing for a cash game twice a week. I know this isn't so awesome, but he will give me 2x normal day salary in Romania for some hours of dealing + I get to keep all tips.

      This is not a long-term plan. I will be doing this at most 2 months, until I get to build the bankroll I want for poker and make myself a Christmas present. :)

      Will keep you posted about how my first dealing session went.

      Good night, R. :spade: