[NL20-NL50] nl25 77 4way set

    • Mauzer77
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      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.25(BB) Replayer
      SB ($25)
      Hero ($25)
      UTG ($19.60)
      UTG+1 ($11.86)
      CO ($31.82)
      BTN ($15)

      Dealt to Hero 7:club: 7:spade:

      UTG calls $0.25, UTG+1 raises to $1, fold, BTN calls $1, fold, Hero calls $0.75, UTG calls $0.75

      FLOP ($4.10) 7:diamond: T:spade: 4:diamond:

      Hero checks, UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, BTN checks

      TURN ($4.10) 7:diamond: T:spade: 4:diamond: 9:spade:

      Hero bets $3, UTG calls $3, UTG+1 calls $3, BTN folds

      RIVER ($13.10) 7:diamond: T:spade: 4:diamond: 9:spade: A:heart:


      MP is unknown reg, UTG+ BTN are fish, unknown

      First of all I should donk flop and bet a bigger turn I think, but my question is river:

      Bet or c/c? We always beat the reg, most the time the fish too, question is which is more +EV? A :spade: x , any 2pairs going to pay, but lots of draws missed, which they could bluff (the ace is also good for that)

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    • Kaitz20
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      I have never seen that AA would check on 7T4ss board or that TT/99/98 would slowplay that drawy board.
      I think that missed draws would generally not going to bluff 3-wway pot, but if someone has there pair+draw type hand they would also not going to bet theirself. So I think best line would be bet small to 5$ to get light calls+ someone might go crazy and bluffshove trying to rep Ax hands.

      If someone is going to c/r me 4-way on 4dTs7d board then I´d likely would b/f my overpairs most of the times unless villain image is very bad. If you have good image then lead flop to 3$. Overpairs would never going to fold+ someone might easily even raise there and you can make sure all the money goes in+ you´re also protecting against draws.

      Turn bet size is fine.