Ongame announced that the calculation for Ongame Player Points will change from November 24th onwards. Please find their press release below:

"As of November 24, cash game and tournament players will earn equal amounts of player points per raked dollar. Cash game players will earn points more rapidly than before, going from 3.25 to 3.6 player points per raked dollar. Meanwhile, player points for tournament players will go from 5 to 3.6 points per raked dollar.
  • Increased rewards for cash game play.
  • Equal terms for tournament and cash game players.
  • Easy to understand loyalty programs."

Does this change affect the amount of Strategy Points you earn on Betfair?
No, Strategy Points on Betfair are based on $ rake and not on Ongame Points. You keep earning 3 SP per $ rake on Betfair.

Does this change affect your chances to win money from our $50,000 Ongame Points Race?
No, the Ongame Race Points for Betfair players in our $50,000 Ongame Points Race are based on $ rake and not Ongame Player Points.

Does this change has any impact on the rewards I earn from Betfair´s loyalty program?
Yes, as a cash game player you earn points faster than before meaning you can make your way up the VIP levels quicker than ever before.
On the other hand tournament players need slightly more time for moving up to the higher VIP levels than they do now.

Betfair´s VIP system keeps rewarding you with up to 40% cashback.