did I play this right?

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      So I learnt a valuble lesson yeasterday. (follow the BR management strategy)

      I built up my 13$ to 65$ yeasterday and lost almost all of it in one hand.

      my cards AQ Spade

      flop J K 4 Spade

      3 pl call my 2$ pre flop raise

      after flop i raised 5$ 1 fold 2 calls (1 has 30$ in chips other has 70$) i have 60$

      next turn card 10 Diamond

      I raise 25$ I get 2 calls

      next turn card 10 Club I'm almost pot commited so I go all in with nut flush.

      call, call

      first player (30$) shows 4 10 full house
      second player (70$) shows K 10 full house

      did I play this wrong?

      Yours Truly: CardBender420
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