running hot in 10man sitngo's

    • martinemem
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      Well for 1.5 hours ago, i started 14 10mans sitngo's and got some sick results i think ;D
      1 nr5 of 10
      4 nr3 of 10
      3 nr2 of 10
      4 nr1 of 10
      Even though i started out loosing the first 6 big hands, which got me down to 2/3 starting stack on 6 tables.

      When i was a little deep in, and i was about 7-4 left on all tables my head burned literally, because i had about 0.5-0.75 sec to decide my decision otherwise the tables started build up in wait, so that was pretty hard.
      Also the first 3-4 headsup i didnt had time to act always, so a lot of chips got lost on behalf on me not acting in time. Still pretty satisfied though ;D

      How many tables u guys play on sitngos?
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