[NL2-NL10] who's the SUCKER here..?

    • Flopper8
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      Who's the sucker on NL25...
      After reasonable session on above SSS limit this was my final FR hand, plz read...

      Seat 2: Villain ($13.25 in chips) (on the button)
      Seat 3: SB ($14.20 in chips)
      Seat 4: Hero ($4.60 in chips)

      *** Blind Bet Round *** :
      SB : Post Blind ($0.15)
      BB : Post Blind ($0.25)
      Dealt to Hero: Qh
      Dealt to Hero: Kh
      Dealt to Villain: 5c
      Dealt to Villain: 3c

      *** Pre-Flop *** :
      Villain : Bet ($0.75)
      SB : Call ($0.60)
      Hero : Call ($0.50)

      *** Flop *** : 7h 3h 5h
      SB : Bet ($1.50)
      Hero : Call ($1.50)
      Villain : Call ($1.50)

      *** Turn *** : [ 7h 3h 5h ] 5s
      SB : Check
      Hero : Bet ($2.35)
      Hero : All In ($2.35)
      Villain : Call ($2.35)
      SB : Fold

      *** River *** : [ 7h 3h 5h 5s ] Ac

      *** SUMMARY ***
      Pot: $10.90 | Rake: $0.55
      Board: [ 7h 3h 5h 5s Ac ]

      Villain bet $4.60, collected $10.90, net $6.30 Shows [ 5c 3c ] (a full house, fives full of threes)
      SB lost $2.25
      Hero lost $4.60 Shows [ Qh Kh ] (a flush, King high)

      Simple preflop fold here then.?.
      How do we get our hands on a Hand Converter???
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    • ManniXXX
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      Indeed. KQ is a fold to a raise.
    • Flopper8
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      Yeah the KQ was auto fold there. Fools Gold eh :)
      I was tired n bored from constantly folding hands on SSS I just wanted to play one for a change... I tell u the flop woke me up (a little) and I couldn't put him on that hand!! Anyway, that was the first and last time I ever deviate from SSS.
      Thx for the reply manni...
    • 098799
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      If you're playing a strategy that absolutely deviates from SSS, don't post a hand here ;) .

      But you did, so let me examine it:

      1) quit table before the hand
      2) fold pf
      3) fold flop
      4) don't push turn

      and, by the way, NEVER call pf in SSS.
    • Berliner1982
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      Everything said. ;)
    • dallievas
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      Don`t be so harsh to him,the same play could be from BB.Not according to SSS but now he is in hand,have flush ,board unsuspicious on flop,but when second 5 comes on turn,paired board,bells of danger in my head,I think check /fold here.There`re a lot these situations in cash,even category of players looking for these situations because they can win big pots,but how to minimize losses when you on the hook?
    • Flopper8
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      Hook Line AND sucker, Ironic ending to that one and should be a lesson to all SSS...? I slept thru that hand, honest, I dont remember playing it at all...

      thx for the input all

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