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Mugge's corner

    • Mugge88
      Joined: 29.10.2006 Posts: 510
      Hello everybody and thank you for reading so far :)

      I'm 19 years old, comes from Denmark and have played poker online since I stumbled across PS.

      Many of you have seen me in here once in a while, and I have been around for quite some time now although I havn't been playing as many hands as most others in here. I like playing poker for a hobby, but do have many other interests which I prioritize higher - which again means that in some periods I won't have time for poker at all.. I try to keep an average at around 1 hour a day though..

      Now that was pretty boring to read, I will try to make the next parts better :)

      Started out at the lowest FR Limit tables some years ago, but didn't have much luck/experience, and even though I studied all the articles I had available at pokerstrategy I was only able to break even during the first time. Due to the lack of results and a busy life I took a break for some months, and then returned again, this time trying my luck at the NL tables with the SSS. Had the luck on my side and was able to make a small profit. This strategy didn't appeal much to me though, since I saw so many extremely bad players at the tables, which I knew I could get much more value from if I played with a full stack. So I started grinding my way with the SSS so I could get a big enough BR for the BSS. After about a month of more or less intense grinding (in my oppinion) I was able to start at the great NL5 game and here I had some succes.. But then again the boredom overtook me at the tables, and I took a break again. Overall this break took quite long, with a few on and off's in between, but then ~1½ months ago I decided to give it a go again. I had studied quite alot of strategy, and felt I was ready for SH play, so even though I was quite underrolled (lowest SH stake at party are NL25) I gave it a try (only time ever I've been playing without the neccessary roll).. And suddenly the succes comes. Combined with quite some luck I have been able to double my BR, and are hopefully soon able to move up to NL50:

      This was more or less my poker story :)

      I will update this thread as often as I remember and I can as well make a "to do" list now:

      Post goals
      Post interesting hands
      Post strategy suggestion
      Post intersting stuff from my real life if anything comes by :)

      See you all
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