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stats keep moving to wrong place

    • LoKKK
      Joined: 18.10.2009 Posts: 335
      That post below is a question and answer i just found on internet

      i have the same problem.

      Only thing is , for one havnt a clue what the answer is saying in english
      and 2 how i havnt got HEM2 i have Elephant.?
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    • LoKKK
      Joined: 18.10.2009 Posts: 335
      When I open a table at pokerstars (using the preferred seat option so I'm sitting at the same seat at every table), the HUD does not adjust, so the stats are displayed next to the wrong player. Is there anyway to get around this?


      what you are describing is happening because you long ago rearranged the HUD before setting your preferred seating properly. When you use a preferred seat and sit down at a cash table and get hud stats before playing, and then move the HUD panels before HM has imported your own hand, they will be messed back up as soon as HM imports your first played hand repositions the HUD panels.

      You need to make sure to not move anyone's HUD that appears to be incorrect, until you can see your own Hero stats. You cna also use the HUD Options > Table Preferences > Mucked Card and Alignment Edit Mode to help align the stats and mucked cards.

      Set the preferred seating for Stars in the poker client, then in Holdem Manager to match. HUD Options > Preferred Seating

      Turn on Pre-Fetch. (on by default actually)
      HUD Options > Site Options > Pokerstars > 5 (Make note of the pre-fetch folder path)

      Options > Configure Auto import Folders > Add > C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Importing\HEM Data

      Close HM and the Table Manager

      Delete your existing position files, so HM will rebuild them to default.

      \Holdem Manager\Importing\Config\pospref.txt and pospref2.txt need to be deleted.

      Start HM< Auto Import, Open the Table Manager, and start stars and open 1 cash table.

      After a couple hands it will pre-fetch some observed hands to show the HUD.

      Use Ctrl+Right-Click+Drag to move the panels Move the main/first panel for each player first. This is the panel with the Note Icon (astersik). Once the main panel is in the proper position, you can position the sub-panels for each player. Once they are set, go to Table Manager > File > Save Positions.

      Close that table, open a new one, and sit to play. If the HUD pops up while waiting for the big blind, do not move any hud panels. Once HM imports your first played hand it will spin the HUD to correct for the auto-center feature.
    • mrk1988
      Joined: 04.02.2007 Posts: 13,337
      Hey LoKKK,

      try activating the corresponding option in Elephants hud settings.

      That way, you should be able to always sit on the same seat. You could also use the tool button menu to select your seat.

    • LoKKK
      Joined: 18.10.2009 Posts: 335
      stop trying to wind me up pleese .
      I forgot to edit my first post properly , in it i had sed how i have done all this , obviousely it was the first thing i did ,
      I been trying to fix it for weeks , the reason i put in that answer from another thread, is coz i dont think ts an easy solution to solve.! , as hiting that wee white button , alighning the stats up works for one orbit, then the stats go to the wrong place.
      Dont tell me to press auto center or preffered seating coz iv done all this lots of times

      P.s and why do u always use that 6max pic to make it look like everythings cool ,
      can we see a FR pic pleese