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      hi there, my name is ilovemagic and i play at bodog at the nl10. i usually play holdem but i like omaha hi and 5 card draw as well. the biggest problem i face is i go on these random bursts of tilt and lose all my money by going all in every hand sometimes until its all gone after a bad beat or 3 or 4 cold deck all ins.

      i am working on it by not positioning myself to take so many beats and only going all the way with boats flushes' trips and str8s with the occasional pair two pair but not so much after how profitable i seen trips and better are at the nl10.

      big pocket pairss are getting easier to play now too. these forums are good for learning and its why im here.

      the question is what do i do now? where do i go from here?
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      Welcome to the Course and Best of Luck ilovemagic,

      Hopefully you will enjoy around here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, we will be around for you. Meanwhile good luck on tables, we will be waiting for your homework.

      All the things you already mentioned should be also mentioned in the 1st Homework. Do you know where you find the homeworks? If not then here you are:
      Homework #1

      The list of all homeworks and plan is here:

      Best Regards.