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      My name is dan and i recently decided to try everest poker, i really enjoyed it made a good amount of money. was ready to withdraw my winnings i deposited by vanilla mastercard, so it was only giving me cheque as the withdraw option, so i changed my deposit method to visa they didnt ask for the 3 number cvv btw. Anyway i have the withdraw pending for $200, how long does it usually take for it to complete on visa also do you think it will go through because i didnt actaully deposit with that ccard information just switched it. any advice would be great thank you.
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      Hey Dan,

      Normally to withdraw, you will also have to have deposited via the same method.

      VISA withdrawals can vary for client to client so I suggest writing an email to Everest support and see if they can give you the necessary answers here.

      Keep us posted though as the information you retrieve may be valuable to another member here in the future.

      On a side note, just noticed this is your first post here so welcome to the community!

      Interested in taking our quiz and increasing your poker knowledge I hope?

      Best wishes,
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      My withdrawals to VISA always gets processed withing 5 working days.
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      Thank you for your reply, yes i am new to the forums. i woke up this morning and checked my account where it said $200 pending cashout its not there anymore and the money is not on my credit card ?(