HEM2 Questions?

    • Spungeh
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      Only got the trial, but im pretty sure it lets me do everything that I want.

      But anyway, I want to know my £/hour and there is a section for that, but it shows it for chips i think, or im winning allot more than i already am. (screenshot below shows my £/hour saying around 4k.

      If anyone can help that would be sweet, for instance also how to get details like this -

      Tourneys: 50
      ROI%: 3.5%
      ITM: 54%
      Winnings: $12.34
      Time Played: 6.2 hours
      $/hr: $1.99

      I saw it in a blog somewhere. Be really helpful ta
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    • Krishjanis
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      Grinding at the same time so I didn't read carefully, but what you are looking is I think, you need to press the sideways "Stats" button, there you can add things. Also you can click at the upper bar on "More reports" and add things from there.