Am I doing OK????

    • AaronJello
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      Hey guys, just started awhile ago on here and was hoping I could get some feedback on how I'm doing, so I kept my records for 38 $1 regular SNGs

      Place------Total Games---------Cash Wins Losses
      OUT--------15-----------------------$18.00 ( 2 4ths, 5 5ths ,8 earlier )
      38 plays--------------------$28.60 profit

      I think the main kinks are in my early and heads up stages, but early I just think I have to tighten up a bit...

      You guys think Im doing ok tho??

      Thanks in advance :evil:
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    • chenny8888
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      no idea... need your stats for 1000 sng before we can get any idea based purely on placings.

      post hands, etc. then we can see if you're doing OK :)
    • roshe40
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      A cashing percentage of almost 58% is pretty good thus far. However, Chenny is right about it being far too early to tell in the long run. I have played almost 100 SNGs so far and started slightly below your rate of cashing, but I am now around 65% and climbing. Good luck and keep working on your game.